Delicious, ranch raised beef delivered directly from our family to yours. Next beef shipment is on April 30th!

Meet our Herd.

Meet our Herd.

To us, it is important that you know where your beef is coming from. But why not take it one step further? Meet the faces behind The Herd, and what inspired us to take action.

Meet Peyton

Seven years ago, my Dad and I were in the checkout line of Safeway grabbing a few groceries before we went home. Making small talk, the cashier asked us what we did for a living. Casually, my dad said we were Cattle Ranchers. The cashier's eyes widened and replied "Wow, I didn't know people

still did that." Ever since then, I have been a passionate advocate for our industry, trying to educate where I can. When Dad first introduced the idea of a boxed beef business several years ago, I decided to take the ball and run with it. After a couple of years toying and working on the logistics of launching this new venture, the opportune time came when my second year at Cal Poly was derailed due to Covid-19. So, The Herd was born. The concept behind The Herd is to welcome you into our culture of cattle ranching. As a member of our Herd, we hope you can live vicariously through us and see what it takes to feed the nation.
Meet Miles

How do you fuse cattle ranching, commodity trading and a degree in biology and chemistry? It's simple. Meet Miles... Cattle rancher, commodity trader, entrepreneur and NERD. Miles is not your typical cattle rancher. As a renaissance cowboy, he is melding years of data with generations of tradition. Growing up on the ranch, he has always had the dream of being vertically integrated, meaning at every point in the process of putting beef on your table, he has had a hand in every step. The point of vertical integration is to have control over every aspect of the supply chain. As his daughter, I have witnessed his drive (and craziness) of being the best he can be. I am excited that he is handing over the reins, and allowing me to implement the final step of putting our beef directly on your dinner table.

Meet Bren

Born and raised in Southern California, the 5C Ranch is the LAST place she thought she would end up. With degrees in Psychology, Sociology and the Culinary Arts, she has a lot to offer to The Herd. Bren's approach to this operation has focused on environmental sustainability and integrity. Her pride and joy is her gigantic garden, where she supplies us with fruit and vegetable to complement our steak dinners in the summer. When I brought up the idea of shipping our beef across the nation, she was the first to chime in about using sustainable packaging to get it there. After months of research and trials, we found a recycled water bottle cooler that keeps beef frozen for the duration of its travels. As Dad and I are big picture people, I am so thankful for my mom to keep our feet on the ground and always point out the little things.

Meet Brix & Finley

Brix (13) and Finley (8) are slowly finding their roles in the ranching life style. This is Brix's first summer being a full time hand on the ranch. He starts his days by changing the irrigation lines that encompass our green valley, and by the end of the day we hope he has learned something new. We are firm believers that you receive a large part of your education and skills by working long days on the ranch. Finley enjoys tagging along with Dad or me when we are working, usually pointing out the obvious and keeping us entertained. Fin seems to be a magnet when it comes to animals, and is a kind friend to every horse, calf and ladybug on the ranch. Both Fin and Brix are avid beef connoisseurs and are excited to share that with you.

The Herd is a family affair because ranching is our way of life.

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