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Breaking Down Bulk Beef

Breaking Down Bulk Beef

Purchasing Bulk Beef can be intimidating, especially for someone who is unfamiliar with the process. That is where we step in to make the process as easy as possible. After selling Halves, Wholes and Quarters for years, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions to guide you through the process of purchasing your bulk beef

How much beef will I get?

The weight breakdown can be confusing when producers use terms such as LW and HCW. To give you the clear picture, I'll walk you through all the weights of an animal using the averages of our last set. The LW or "Live Weight" of the animal is 1,425 lbs. This is the weight of the animal after it comes off of the finishing diet. The next weight of importance, and the weight that is often used by producers to price their bulk beef is the HCW or "Hanging Carcass Weight." This is the weight of the animal after the removal of offal and once the animal is on the rail to age for 14 days. The average HCW for our last round of processing was 850 lbs or nearly 60% of the live weight. The last weight to be concerned with, and the weight that we base our prices off is the FYW or the "Final Yield Weight." This is the amount of beef that will end up in your freezer after the bones and excess fat is removed. The FYW usually falls between 400 and 450 lbs for a whole animal and 200 to 225 lbs for a half

How much freezer space will I need for my beef?

For a Half of Beef you will need roughly 10 cubic feet of freezer space, and for a whole we suggest roughly 20 cubic feet. Most medium sized freezers can fit 12 to 18 cubic feet, and the average large freezer can fit up to 25 cubic feet.

What is the price breakdown and why does your bulk beef seem so expensive?

There are a few ways that producers can price their beef based on which weight they may choose to use. Most producers base their prices on the HCW and charge an additional per pound cut and wrap fee to cover the cost of processing. We choose to base our prices on the FYW because we think it is only fair to charge for what ends up in your freezer. If we were to compare our $8.95/lb with the average HCW prices, our cost would be roughly $3.50/lb, nearly $0.20/lb cheaper than our closest competitors.

What cuts of beef will I receive?

An advantage to buying in bulk is that customers have the opportunity to customize their half or whole beef to fit their family's needs. Whether you are changing the size of the roasts, the thickness of the steaks, or whether you want a Bone-In cut is completely up to you. The general rule of thumb for carcass breakdown is roughly 40% Ground Beef, 30% Roasts and 30% Steaks. Of course these can be slightly modified by the way the custom cut sheets are filled out.

A few of the cuts you might receive in your order are...

  • Roasts from both the Chuck and the Round.

  • Flavorful cuts of steaks such as Sirloin Steak, Flatiron Steak and Skirt Steak.

  • If opting for a Bone-In cut, you will receive T-Bone and Porterhouse Steaks.

  • If opting for a Boneless cut, you will receive New York and Tenderloin Steaks.

  • Specialty cuts such as Brisket, Tri-Tip, Short Ribs, Back Ribs and Flank Steak.

  • Depending on cut sheet, either Rib Steaks or a Prime Rib Roast.

  • Plenty of Ground Beef.

  • Beef Bones upon request.

The image below is great at explaining where the cuts of beef come from in the animal.

How do I know that I will receive a good product?

We have been raising cattle for 100+ years, but so have many other operations. So what's so special about us? Well, we have been raising cattle for 100+ years AND have been receiving carcass data every year that allows us to better our herd, and in turn has allowed us to improve our carcass grading genetics. Our cattle have graded 7 times above the national average in terms of Prime beef. No one comes close to that number. We hand select the best cattle in our operation to introduce into our beef program to give our customers the BEST product.

How does my beef get to my freezer?

After reserving your beef through our request form, and filling out a cut sheet, you will be notified of the estimated pickup date. While we cannot ship bulk beef due to the size of the order, we arrange drop off and pickup dates in cities near you! This is a great opportunity to coordinate with friends, neighbors and families for pickup dates.

Why should I buy bulk?

The question of the year! Bulk beef is a great way to save money and stock up on a protein source for your family. Buying in bulk can save you up to 30% from your weekly and monthly grocery store beef purchases. Aside from the price, it is an added benefit to know where your beef is coming from, what it ate, and how it was treated. The uncertainty of grocery store beefs origin and quality is often a deciding factor for bulk purchasers. If a Half or Whole is too big for you, it is a great idea to partner up with friends, family and neighbors to split one.

We hope that your general questions have been addressed and that you are excited about your Bulk Beef purchase! As always, if there are any other questions please send us an email at
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